Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sewing for Pleasure 2011-Purchases and Earrings

Ok this is definitely my final post about Sewing for Pleasure but I though I should show you what I actually bought at the show even though everything was lovely.  We decided on the plan of going round everything once, watching the fashion show then coming back to our favourite stalls and items.

Firstly I wanted to find some floral print fabric for one of my 1950s dress patterns, there was alot on offer but when I saw this it was perfect.
I love it!  To me it is less granny curtain and more retro vintage or at least I hope that's what it says!  Another thing I was hoping to buy and as if by magic was there was a pattern for my birthday costume.  Every year I have a theme and costume party which I love doing and usually means a night dressed up on the town.  Last year was 1950's for halfway to fifty (I was turning 25) and the year before was Victorian bathers.  This year is going to be Alice in Wonderland because I love it and I think there is alot of options for dressing up and with the Tim Burton film it is pretty popular at the moment.  I have a few good friends who love dressing up but others who think its childish and embarrassing so I am hoping this might be a more inspiring theme. 
This was the pattern I was looking at online, I really like how versatile it is for different costumes.  I am planning on going as the Queen of Hearts and making a jacket and dress combo though not entirely like the pattern.  Just after buying this my friend stopped a lady buying a red ruffly fabric and commented on how perfect it would be for my costume.  She was sooo right!
If you brush it one way it is all red with a black edge and the other is red and black striped.  I'm thinking wearing it upside down, so you can see the red and black would be perfect for the skirt.  These were both bought from the Abakhan stall.

Then I found this gorgeous lace trim the button lady stall
I could only afford a little bit as I had a strict budget and I keep changing my mind on what I want to use it on.  (Sorry the leaflet is upside down!)

I finally bought some lovely beads from Spellbound Bead company which is one of my favourite stalls from last year and has absolutely stunning glass beads.
The pearls were from another stall I forget the name of but I really wanted to use in embellishments and jewelry.

This morning I made these 2 pairs of earrings form the beads I bought, the red hearts are to match my red queen costume as I am very inspired by this idea now.
The second are from the beautiful dragonfly beads, which this morning when I took the picture were purple and when I went to work were definitely blue!  Spooky!



  1. Ohh, lovely! Buy's always a pleasure, but then comes the guilt, at least happens to me. Love everything you have in your home. I am sure that your head explodes with creativity to use this.

  2. Thank you! Yes guilt always sets in but I made myself stick to my budget this year!