Saturday, 19 March 2011

My 1950's Vintage Patterns

I haven't done any more sewing this week but I am planning on reorganising my sewing room and in the process I have been looking through my sewing patterns.  I have a few now and I can't help it, when I see one I want I buy it.  I am particularly drawn to vintage patterns, I really like fifties styles but I have a lot of seventies too so I thought I would split these pattern posts into decades.  I am posting in date order shown on the packet, my earliest ones are from the fifties.
Vogue Vintage V2960
This is a new pattern of an original 1945 pattern by Vogue, I have included it as it is still originally a fifties pattern.  I got this one from a Daily Mail postal offer which was a bargain as I only had to pay postage.  I love the low back and the sweet little cap sleeves, I think this would look great in a floral print.

Simplicity 1197
I won this pattern in an online giveaway, the packets a bit damaged but you can see the tie shoulder straps and jacket.  It has a scoop back too which is the illustration missing in the top right, which is really sweet.  I was very happy to win this as I love full dresses and this was a little different.

Vogue 9181
I absolutely love this pattern!  I have made this one up, it is the only vintage pattern I have used to far and I had excellent results from it.  I bought it on ebay after spending time trying to find the perfect Chuck dress pattern and buying several others that I thought would 'do.'  Then this popped up and it was lovely, had the collar I wanted and extra pleats which were not in my original idea but worked so well I loved them!  
I want to get some action photos of this.  (Ignore the mess this was in my old flat where I had zero room to move and sew.)

McCall's 4920
I bought this one on ebay when I was looking for shirt style dresses but it would be a little big for me once made up.  I am hoping I can adjust this but I haven't had the confidence to try yet.

Date Unknown
Woman's Weekly 324K
This is a lovely pattern and another ebay bargain of a full dress with bow detail on the neck.  It is from the Woman's Weekly magazine and is in great condition but I have no idea of the date.  It is not printed on the single page I have but from the style of dress and the advertisements on the back it looks 1950's to me.  If anyone has any other ideas please let me know.

I don't have any 1960's patterns as yet so next we will be jumping into the 1970's of which I have a few as I inherited most of them from my gran.


  1. I'm jealous of your vintage pattern collection! I particularly love the first one. I like the low back, button placket, and full skirt. Just lovely!

  2. Thank you! That one is a very new edition to my collection and I'm pretty sure you can buy that one still online as its a remake of an old pattern.

  3. Oh all those patterns are amazing! I wish I had the time, patients and skill to make one of those dresses they are bang on my style!

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