12 in 12 Dressmaking Challenge 2011

At the beginning on the year 2011 I set myself the challenge of creating one item of clothing each month as although I love to sew I find I put projects off and I wanted to increase my sewing output.  I have mainly been doing this project in my head but then I found the amazing Natasha's blog Brass and Lace and she had set up a challenge of making 12 in 12.

Review - The year is now over and I didn't quite complete the challenge, one month went AWOL!  I am pretty pleased with my years sewing as I did cover quite a few different techniques and I have made both everyday clothing and fancy dress costumes.  Having a target spurred me on to complete more projects than I would normally as I am a terrible procrastinator. 

January - Red Polka Dot Dress for my sister (made before I started blogging)

March - Birdy Skirt

June - 6 Cupcake Head Aprons for my sister

September- Missing!  Ok this month slipped by without a project as the Vogue dress took quite a lot longer to make than expected.
October- I Heart Dorothy Top
-Technically not finished until Jan but I started it in Oct, bit of a cheat I know!-

November - Pan Am Costume