Sunday, 30 December 2012

Best Christmas Ever!

Why the best Christmas?  Because of this!!!
EEEEEEEK!  Someone actually wants to marry me!  Heehee!  My lovely boyfriend, now fiancĂ©e proposed to me Christmas day after a huge dinner at my parents.  It was nerve racking for him, heart racing for me and  surprising for my family.  He gave me the most beautiful ring which was his great-grandmothers from 1920 and I just can't believe how 'me' it is!

So I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as mine has been the best ever!

Friday, 30 November 2012

Rose's Titanic Swim Dress for Halloween 2012

Sneeky Peek
This year for Halloween I went out with my lovely second job workmates and when they told me that their theme was going to be film I knew exactly what I was going to make.  An e-mail had recently arrived in my inbox to say Simplicity were re-releasing their Titanic sewing pattern to coincide with the centenary of the disaster.  I really wanted it but there didn't seem to be anywhere in the UK selling it that I could find so instead I searched Etsy and managed to get a copy of the original.
Simplicity 8399
Next I had a look at some of the stills from the film to work out what colours I wanted my dress.  The stills and the publicity shots actually have this dress in conflicting colours, one looks very lilac/purple and one is more blue.  The fabric I ended up with is a cross between the two.  In daylight it is more lilac and in artificial light and in my photos it is a bluer shade.  I am happy with this though as the dress in the film does appear far more blue.
Lilac version
I really wanted to keep my costs down so I bought enough silk chiffon to make the overlay of the dress and the bust band, then used poly-chiffon in white for the skirt overlay and plain old white poly cotton for the base of the dress.  It was actually quite straight forward to sew up, it just has A LOT of hems.  I did run out of time at the end and the bottom hem of the over skirt and dress are not fully hemmed yet, just overlocked but I will do this to finish the dress off.
Full view, you can see the layers here
I did have problems with the overdress staying the right length all the way around as it was pretty easy to pull out of shape when cutting so I just eyeballed it in the end.  I really like how the chiffon sleeves look over the top of the bodice.
I used white ric-rac between the bodice and lining and then white lace around the neckline to add detail to the top.  The pattern suggested using brocade fabric but the original had lace so I went with the lace option instead.  The blue bust piece was actually a bit tight on me, I should have measured it beforehand and read the reviews which said the bodice portion came up small on larger busted ladies.  If I made it again I would add a few inches onto the top to make sure the bustline actually fell under the bust rather than right on it.
I used some peach poly chiffon for the sash which was 3 sections sewn together and I like how the colour adds a bit too it.  I wanted a coral colour originally but couldn't find anything in my price range.  I tack stitched it to the front but most of those stitches have popped out now due to over vigorous dancing so that will need repairing too.  You can see how the dress has a small train here too (plus my hem that needs doing again!)
I totally cheated on the back and realised I could get the dress on over my head when I was about to sew the zip in so I neglected the zipper and just did a big seam as it is only a costume anyway and I was really worried about catching all the different chiffon layers in it.

What I don't have is any pictures of me wearing it, which just did not get taken on the night.  I will put it on and get some pictures soon but at the moment I have ten jumpers and a blanket on and I am not really feeling putting on a light chiffony dress!  The night of Halloween was a terrible one, it absolutely poured down and I got drenched wearing this costume which I guess was appropriate for a Titanic costume really!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Burda Style Magazine 10/12 Review

There are lots of pretty pink outfits in this issue, yay for me as I like pastels, but I'm not sure a fan of the 'sophisticated' section as it seems a bit boring to me.
Shirt 114A, Skirt 126A
Unfortunately there is not a good picture of this skirt which looks to be gathered around the waist and has little ribbon bows all the way down the folds.  I really like the shimmer glittery lurex top which is great for feeling Christmassy which I feel like I officially can now.   I know most people think it is too early but if you work in retail like me, you have been talking about the big C since August so I am pretty worn out with it now!
Dress 108B
I really like the pleats which go all the way down the front of the dress but that isn't very obvious in the picture.  I think they might be tucks on the bodice so that they lay flat.  I don't really like the length but that could be changed easily.
Dress 128
This dress has some stunning fabric which really helps but I think it would look really cute.  It actually has a v neck and the model is wearing a shiny necklace rather than it being a peter pan collar.
Jacket 106 Skirt 107
 I am a sucker for all things military, though this is a shocking picture of this coat.  I love the double row of shiny buttons and the epaulettes. 
Dress 108 A
This is the pleated dress again and I think you can see the tucks a bit better in this fabric.  It looks really different in a more casual fabric too.
Dress 137
I quite like this plus size pattern and the neck opening is really different and looks really cosy for winter, plus I do really like empire line dresses.
Oh I love owls, they are super popular at the moment but I don't mind as I do think they are sweet.  I love these different shaped felt ones.
I love the purses too, these are quite an old idea but I think they have been updates.  Just look at that hedgehogs face!

I haven't done a dislike section this month, there wasn't anything super terrible so I think I will just keep it for a time I see one of those super crazy patterns.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Belated Birthday Presents

I was very late on sending birthday presents to my sister this year.  I am not going to tell you how late as I am too ashamed of myself!  Here is a little pic of the parcel I sent:
 The journal is the only thing I bought, if you haven't seen it, each page has instructions which you have to follow which quite literally wrecks it.  I am sure Claire will enjoy doodling, sticking sweets and tearing bits out of it!
I made this cute little day of the dead brooch from the Zombie Felties book which I think was a gift from my sister originally.  He was very cute to make though quite time consuming with all his stitching and beading. 

 I made a little gnome clip to add to a zip or necklace or something as gnomes are always cool.  This was from 100 Beaded Treasures, Trinkets and Charms which really is a lovely book.  Everything is made using wire but I think you could use plastic thread too.
The main present was this canvas tote bag which I embellished with a cross stitched sugar skull.  This one is from Twisted Stitches though it does annoy me that the pattern is not totally symmetrical so it looks a little unbalanced but that is just my love of symmetry speaking. 

Monday, 12 November 2012

Recent Purchases!

Style 3954
Oh the joy of ebay saved searches!  I little while ago I did a post on a 1970's school uniform latter that I found in a vintage pattern.  I managed to research 2 of the 4 patterns which were really cute, but I couldn't find the other 2 on the interwebs.  I saved searches on ebay with the pattern numbers and the other day up popped Style 3954!  It was so cute that I had to buy it.  Just look at those puffy sleeves and peter pan collars!

Secondly, I had the good fortune of this jacket pattern, McCall's 5936, arriving in my inbox so I snapped it up.  I have loved it since I saw Lauren from Lladybird's leopard print version and now I have my mitts on the very same pattern.

My other purchases are from the Knitting and Stitching Show recently held at Alexandra Palace.  It was so big and so busy that I don't think we even got round a third of it but some of my favourite sellers were there so I had to get some bargains.  I got a make your own beaded bauble and angel earrings from Spellbound beads which really do the most beautiful beads.  I went for kits this time as I just love them and I wanted to get something a bit different than the huge pile of mismatched beads I normally get!

The other stallholder is Aarti J's which sells awesome indian trim, sequined embellishments and belly dance accessories.  Seriously it is fab.  The website has only a little of their stock but if you ever see the stall it is like a brightly colour sweetshop of trimmings.  I bought this gorgeous trim which is black/purple/turquoise/green patterned beads on a silver ribbon which I cannot wait to use.  I think it would be such a time saving way to add a whole row of beading to an outfit.  I got just over 3 metres and I got a fantastic discount as it was the end of the card.  I actually still have some trim that is too precious to use that I bought last time I saw this stall.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Burda Style Magazine Burda Style 09/12 September 2012

Burda 09/12
I quite enjoyed this issue of the magazine, I think it helps that it is properly wet and windy here now and the temperature is most definitely that of autumn so I don't mind looking at wintery clothing.  
Cutaway 132
I quite like this funky jacket, it is a little hard to see in the picture but is has some really snazzy contrasting lapels and a longer back which would make it really modern looking.  It would also be fab for making a circus ringmaster costume!  Perhaps I am just a little bit obsessed with Halloween costumes at the moment.
Dress 107
I really like this giant hounds-tooth print dress, the big pockets are awesome and I could see myself wearing this right now.
Shirt 123A, Skirt 127
This is a great combination outfit, I really like the lacey skirt and the lace detail on the jersey top.  I'm not a fan of brown but I think this tan colour works really well under the black lace.
Bolero 120, Dress 121
I'm not so sure about the bolero, it might be a little edgy for me but I love the slimline shaping on this dress.  Using the same colour but different fabrics is a more subtle way of wearing this type of dress rather than using bright fabrics as I have seen around.
DIY Inserts
This DIY is really helpful in showing you how to insert lace panels into an existing jumper and I think it really looks like the inspiration piece.  I love lace so this is right up my street.
Blouse 118
This is actually more mustard colour in the mag which is a colour I really like.  (I have a top and shoes in it!)   The thin tie up collar is less fussy than a poofy pussy bow but still looks cute and I love the front buttons and bell-like cuffs with those cute buttons.
Jacket 138, Skirt 142
This jacket is sooo lovely!  I love the little puffy shoulders, the peplum bottom and the stand up collar.  The buttons and brooch make it look very military which always seems to be in for winter.  It is a plus size pattern, so too big for me, but I would love to resize and make it.
Again in corduroy
Dress 144
I also really like this plus size pattern for this empire line dress with three-quarter sleeves.  The ruffles neckline is really sweet though I think it would be nicer in a shorter length.
Dress 152
Oh my goodness, I love this dress!!  I know it is a children's outfit but I really want it!  I even have a dress pattern that I think would work well for it.  Again, I love that mustard colour the capped sleeves and the pleated skirt.
Coat 149
Again, really sweet children's coat, the green colour is unusual for a coat but really works and the buttons and round collar are lovely.

To be honest there is not a lot I don't like in this magazine and I actually really like this dirndl-esque style outfit but I just don't see that anyone would wear it other than as a costume.  Which is a shame as I like those sequins!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

V&A Fashion - Fun times in London town!


I had a fantastic week off work, which I really needed as work is super crazy at the moment.  I went to visit my lovely friend Kylie and we had some fun times in London including visiting the V&A.  We went to the Ballgowns exhibit and spent a long time examining the dresses in detail.  We weren't allowed to take pictures unfortunately so I only have photos of the year round fashion exhibition but I might cobble together a post as I have a few books which featured some of the dresses in the special exhibit.

If you go to London it is well worth checking out the fashion section of the V&A, they have some really spectacular gowns from every era.

Gorgeous foil embroidery 

Underwear and feather filled sleeves

Muslin wedding dress

Really in love with this black and white gown

Looks like an evil queens gown

1920's negligee 

Woollen swimsuits


Christian Dior's New Look

Ostrich feathers and glitter

Polka dot chiffon with ruffles down the back
I hope you made it through the pictures!