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Burda Style Magazine Burda Style 09/12 September 2012

Burda 09/12
I quite enjoyed this issue of the magazine, I think it helps that it is properly wet and windy here now and the temperature is most definitely that of autumn so I don't mind looking at wintery clothing.  
Cutaway 132
I quite like this funky jacket, it is a little hard to see in the picture but is has some really snazzy contrasting lapels and a longer back which would make it really modern looking.  It would also be fab for making a circus ringmaster costume!  Perhaps I am just a little bit obsessed with Halloween costumes at the moment.
Dress 107
I really like this giant hounds-tooth print dress, the big pockets are awesome and I could see myself wearing this right now.
Shirt 123A, Skirt 127
This is a great combination outfit, I really like the lacey skirt and the lace detail on the jersey top.  I'm not a fan of brown but I think this tan colour works really well under the black lace.
Bolero 120, Dress 121
I'm not so sure about the bolero, it might be a little edgy for me but I love the slimline shaping on this dress.  Using the same colour but different fabrics is a more subtle way of wearing this type of dress rather than using bright fabrics as I have seen around.
DIY Inserts
This DIY is really helpful in showing you how to insert lace panels into an existing jumper and I think it really looks like the inspiration piece.  I love lace so this is right up my street.
Blouse 118
This is actually more mustard colour in the mag which is a colour I really like.  (I have a top and shoes in it!)   The thin tie up collar is less fussy than a poofy pussy bow but still looks cute and I love the front buttons and bell-like cuffs with those cute buttons.
Jacket 138, Skirt 142
This jacket is sooo lovely!  I love the little puffy shoulders, the peplum bottom and the stand up collar.  The buttons and brooch make it look very military which always seems to be in for winter.  It is a plus size pattern, so too big for me, but I would love to resize and make it.
Again in corduroy
Dress 144
I also really like this plus size pattern for this empire line dress with three-quarter sleeves.  The ruffles neckline is really sweet though I think it would be nicer in a shorter length.
Dress 152
Oh my goodness, I love this dress!!  I know it is a children's outfit but I really want it!  I even have a dress pattern that I think would work well for it.  Again, I love that mustard colour the capped sleeves and the pleated skirt.
Coat 149
Again, really sweet children's coat, the green colour is unusual for a coat but really works and the buttons and round collar are lovely.

To be honest there is not a lot I don't like in this magazine and I actually really like this dirndl-esque style outfit but I just don't see that anyone would wear it other than as a costume.  Which is a shame as I like those sequins!

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  1. I have that issue so I'll be really interested to see what you make!