Sunday, 14 October 2012

V&A Fashion - Fun times in London town!


I had a fantastic week off work, which I really needed as work is super crazy at the moment.  I went to visit my lovely friend Kylie and we had some fun times in London including visiting the V&A.  We went to the Ballgowns exhibit and spent a long time examining the dresses in detail.  We weren't allowed to take pictures unfortunately so I only have photos of the year round fashion exhibition but I might cobble together a post as I have a few books which featured some of the dresses in the special exhibit.

If you go to London it is well worth checking out the fashion section of the V&A, they have some really spectacular gowns from every era.

Gorgeous foil embroidery 

Underwear and feather filled sleeves

Muslin wedding dress

Really in love with this black and white gown

Looks like an evil queens gown

1920's negligee 

Woollen swimsuits


Christian Dior's New Look

Ostrich feathers and glitter

Polka dot chiffon with ruffles down the back
I hope you made it through the pictures!

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