Friday, 28 October 2011

Burda Style October 2011

I managed to pick up the last copy at work today!  That was a close one!  I am not sure what I would do if I missed one, most likely I would have to go on ebay and find it.   Even though I haven't made anything from one for an age, I still feel I would be missing out if I skipped a month.  Silly really.  I am thinking if next year my mission should be a magazine pattern each month, hmmmm.....

I love this months magazine, pretty much because the first section Classics Concert is so elegant and could be adapted in so many ways. 
Blouse 114
I'm not sure you can tell from the scan too well but these blouse/tunic has pleats all down the front and an on trend peter pan collar.  I love this, there is also a dress version (which is basically just a bit longer so I haven't scanned that) this could work in so many colours and I would wear it with a skinny belt to add a waist.  I don't know why but I hate things that don't give me a waist.

Dress 116
Basically the same blouse but longer and without the pleats but the contrasting black and white is very chic and I could totally see this with a lace appliqué instead of the statement necklace.  Plus I just love peter pan collars.
Dress 120
This is actually quite a simple shift dress just jazzed up with some lace appliqué but I really like the idea.  I would be really different but I haven't ever seen the lace they used, looks a bit like doilies, so I'm not sure what you would use in the UK to recreate this effect.  It also looks a bit like potato prints now I look at it.
Dress 125
I do not like the scarf tie they have added to the styling on this one but it is not in the dress pattern so just pretend it isn't there.  I love anything with lace and this is a nice way to wear it day to day rather than have it look like an evening dress.  I am determined that my Christmas frock is going to involve lace or sheer fabric and I already have 2 patterns to choose from.
Dress 123 A
This section is called Mild Mannered which I think might have been a bit lost in translation as I don't think you can really describe clothing as mild mannered?  I really love the colour of the plum wrap dress, great for autumn/winter and wrap dresses are so easy to wear.  Plus I have at least 2 pairs of boots that would go with it.....
Eeeek!  Who doesn't love mushrooms?  there are lots of mushroom and toadstool inspired crafts in this magazine and I think these hanging paper ones are my favourite.  They look really elegant but also I think you could make the poisonous ones for Halloween. 
Dress 142
I don't normally include kids stuff, probably because I don't have a kid and don't have any in the family to make anything for either but I just love this little pinafore dress.  I want one!  There is a whole sailor style section for kids, if you are listening Burda, can you do an adults one too please?  I love anything naval at the moment.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Quilt Competition at Creative Stitches 2011

Again not great pictures but I have tested my new phone camera today and it is sooo much better!  These were from the quilting exhibition and competition at the show and although I don't really quilt myself I think they are really inspirational.  Most of them were based on Jane Austen or other literary works. 
Beautifully textured
Close up of all the quilted circles
The Owl and the Pussy cat
Absolutely loved this one (just noticed the no photos sign oops!)
Gorgeous rainbow colours
Pretty pink Flower
Close up of the jaw-dropping quilting
One colour quilt with all the definition from the quilting

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Downton Abbey Costumes at Creative Stitches 2011

These are not the best quality photos so I apologise now, if Kylie gets round to posting hers on fb then I will steal them as I am pretty sure her phone camera was better than mine.  I do have a new phone now though so maybe the pictures from now on will be better, I am going to try it out today when I visit some tea rooms on the marina :)

A selection of costumes were at the Creative Stitches show I went to in Cardiff, I don't have the info about them but if you watch the show then I am sure you will recognise them.
Cotton and lace day dress
Purple and black houndstooth
This was an original Victorian dress that had been adapted for the series
Scandalous Pantaloon dress
Maroon evening dress
Close up of bodice
Lovely gold lace overlay
Flower shoe coat and dress
I wish we could have got a little closer to see all the details.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cardiff Trip Purchases

On my lovely week off before the start of the Christmas rush at work, I went on a trip to Cardiff with my lovely friend Kylie.  We went to the Creative Stitches show as it was far nearer to me then the Sewing for Pleasure show that we normally go to in Birmingham.  Unfortunately it wasn't nearly as good.  There were a lot of card making stalls and some really random ones selling cheese and nuts but I did find something to spend my money on.
Iron on appliqués
Aren't these cute?  I could have bought so many more of them! They have a website too called Patsy May but they don't seem to have all the designs on there so far.  I am hoping they add them soon as I can see that I am going to want more.

Next we went on the search for vintage shops in the town and after seeing a few which were not quite what we were looking for we stumbled upon the wonderful Vintage Affair.  They don't seem to have a website but the link is to the facebook page.  The shop is amazing, it is a complete treasure trove of goodies with everything downstairs dating up to the 1950's and upstairs is '60's to modern day.  I totally love this shop and spent an hour and a half in there just looking at the clothing and sewing patterns and trim.  I tried on the most fantastic lacey wedding dress which was far too small but I am in love with it.

I bought a couple of bits:
Vintage pin
Plastic fruit possibly for jewellery or sweater clips
Beautiful aged lace trim
Black lace trim

How beautiful is this trim?  One triangle of it could jazz a top up so much!  The lady in the shop believes it is actually Victorian.  I can't believe it, actual Victorian trim and it was really reasonable priced too.  They have lots of different vintage trims from different eras and all really well priced.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Burda Style September 2011

I am a little late posting this one as I have been away, sorry about that.  This is my September review.  At first glance this is not the best Burda that I have seen all year but there a few little bits I like.
110A & 108A
I like this as an outfit from the Falling in Love collection.  The little wrap skirt looks cute and easy to make and could be done in lighter fabrics for summer too and everyone needs a stripey top.  I find I don't seem to sew basics as they are not that interesting and I would rather make a pretty and complicated dress.  Even though if I made a top like this I would wear it more, strange how my brain works.
Cute cat alert!  That is not the only reason I like this Folk Style jacket though, the piping detail and the buttons with the modesty panel underneath are really different and I also like the contrasting collar.  I think this could look great over dresses too.
115 & 117
The rest of these pictures are from the Folklore collection as this was by far my favourite.  Yes it is all a bit themed on German mountain girls and Heidi but I actually like that.  I think if  the apron was removed this could make a very nice maxi dress and I love the lacy bodice detail.  Plus the white shirt is separate and would be great to wear under summer dresses so you can keep wearing them through autumn.
115 & 118 & 119
I wouldn't wear the knickerbockers but I really like the bodice, a bit of an alternative to the waistcoat and with the same little white blouse again.
Now I don't knit but I just can't help but really like this.  It may look slightly old fashioned but I do like the knit and the little flowers on the sleeves and hemline. 
122 B
Another very sweet little jacket, I love the puffy sleeves and close fit though I think I would leave off the giant puffy pockets.

There are quite a few garments in this issue that are what I would consider basics so not that inspiring but not awful too.  This is one that I just really don't like though.
Hate the style of the oversized waist coat, hate the shiny plastic and velvet and hate the leopard print trousers.  I'm really not sure how this fits with the Falling in Love theme but there we are!