Sunday, 8 June 2014

Me-Made-May 2014

As May has been spectacularly busy for me, I thought I would put all my Me-Made pictures into one post as regular blogging has just been impossible for me.  I am excited to be getting back to sewing and blogging though now that things have calmed down a bit.  (Apologise for the messy bedroom/ camera phone shots but I have misplaced my camera charger in the move!)

 3rd May - Wore my yellow daisy dress on a very sunny day off where I managed a bit of geocaching and some wedding decoration making.
Yellow Daisy Dress
7th May - I wore my strawberry shirt for a day of sewing bunting, making decorations and general wedding preparations.  This is a super busy week with our wedding on Saturday and we are doing it all ourselves so we have a lot of running around picking up glasses and plates, decorating the scout hall where we are holding it, making 25+ metres of bunting, finishing sewing the bridesmaid dresses and making a few adjustments to my wedding dress.  Phew!
Strawberry Shirt
10th May - WEDDING DAY!!!!   

 Disclaimer:  I did not make my wedding dress but I did alter it.  I saw this 1950's dress on Etsy and I fell in love with it, even though it was far too small for me.  I bought it anyway and figured out that if I added lacing to the back then it would fit.  I was and still am really pleased with the finished dress, it felt beautiful and flattering on which is the whole point of a wedding dress right?

Back lacing
 I would highly recommend altering a dress in this way if like me you do not have a vintage waist.  It was quick and easy to do (though lacing it up isn't!) and best of all it could be easily reversed and the original zip could be put back in afterwards if required.
I don't have my professional pictures back yet but as soon as I do there will be a proper wedding post with all the handmade details.  The bridesmaids were wearing genuine me-made.  When we started wedding planning the bridesmaid dresses were the one thing I was absolutely certain of what I wanted.  They actually turned out really well and I am pretty sure all the girls were happy wearing them.

11th/12th May - I'm married!!!!  Yay!  This is one of my favourite dresses I have made so I wore it for our post-wedding BBQ with our immediate families.  We had an fantastic day and the BBQ was a great way to wind down and spend a bit of extra time with our families before they travelled home.  We ended up staying at the house where we held the party so I actually wore this for 2 days!  Smelly!
Red New Girl Dress
20th May - Another beautiful day in Swansea so I pulled out this dress.  It is rather tight in the bust area now but I can't resist wearing it as I still love the horses around the hem.  We had a little mini-honeymoon where we visited Sam's sister in Durham who had recently given birth to a beautiful baby boy and consequently couldn't make the wedding.  We had a lovely time, with lots of walking and visiting a few sites and holding new baby Harry.
Carousel Dress 

27th May - Wore my nautical skirt to write thank you notes, clean the house and prepare for my best friends wedding.
Nautical Circle Skirt

31st May - Another wedding!  This time it is my best friend and my chief bridesmaids turn.  She had her dress and the bridesmaid dresses handmade by her maid of honours mum (complicated! heehee) so I feel I can include them here.  She really is an amazing dressmaker and the dresses were so bright and beautiful they really show up well in the photos.  

Beautiful bride and groom
What a month!  I'm hoping to get the old sewing machine churning again soon, though it has been nice to have a break from manic wedding sewing.  I would have liked to get a few more outfits in as there are some things I haven't worn but sometimes it is too easy to throw on the same old outfits every morning.  I definitely need to gear my future sewing towards casual day dresses and I would like to make some work appropriate blouses I can wear too.  I no longer have to wear a uniform to work (yay promotion!) but I am finding it very difficult to find comfortable durable and smart blouses.  The shops are full of lovely chiffon and sheer tops but these just won't work for me are I need something more hard wearing that I won't tear or rip.  So let the pattern/fabric hunt begin!