Wednesday, 2 April 2014


I, Sarah (sorbetsurprise) sign up as a participant in Me-Made-May 14. I will endeavour to wear me-made or refashioned clothing at least 12 times during me made May!

 Last year I said twice a week, so I am upping my total number of outfits this time. I don't have that many new me-mades that are suitable for everyday wear but I am honeymooning during May so can wear more of my own clothing!  Also I no longer have to wear a uniform to work, just office wear now, though I haven't as yet made myself anything for work, though it is on my to-do list!  I am excited that my wedding falls during May and I have cheated a little by adding 'refashioned' to my me-made as technically I have refashioned my wedding dress!  Plus my I am making my lovely bridesmaids their dresses too!  (Hence the quiet time on the blog!  Lots of secret projects under way.)

If you want to join in head over to So Zo to pledge.