Sunday, 16 October 2011

Downton Abbey Costumes at Creative Stitches 2011

These are not the best quality photos so I apologise now, if Kylie gets round to posting hers on fb then I will steal them as I am pretty sure her phone camera was better than mine.  I do have a new phone now though so maybe the pictures from now on will be better, I am going to try it out today when I visit some tea rooms on the marina :)

A selection of costumes were at the Creative Stitches show I went to in Cardiff, I don't have the info about them but if you watch the show then I am sure you will recognise them.
Cotton and lace day dress
Purple and black houndstooth
This was an original Victorian dress that had been adapted for the series
Scandalous Pantaloon dress
Maroon evening dress
Close up of bodice
Lovely gold lace overlay
Flower shoe coat and dress
I wish we could have got a little closer to see all the details.

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