Sunday, 9 October 2011

Burda Style September 2011

I am a little late posting this one as I have been away, sorry about that.  This is my September review.  At first glance this is not the best Burda that I have seen all year but there a few little bits I like.
110A & 108A
I like this as an outfit from the Falling in Love collection.  The little wrap skirt looks cute and easy to make and could be done in lighter fabrics for summer too and everyone needs a stripey top.  I find I don't seem to sew basics as they are not that interesting and I would rather make a pretty and complicated dress.  Even though if I made a top like this I would wear it more, strange how my brain works.
Cute cat alert!  That is not the only reason I like this Folk Style jacket though, the piping detail and the buttons with the modesty panel underneath are really different and I also like the contrasting collar.  I think this could look great over dresses too.
115 & 117
The rest of these pictures are from the Folklore collection as this was by far my favourite.  Yes it is all a bit themed on German mountain girls and Heidi but I actually like that.  I think if  the apron was removed this could make a very nice maxi dress and I love the lacy bodice detail.  Plus the white shirt is separate and would be great to wear under summer dresses so you can keep wearing them through autumn.
115 & 118 & 119
I wouldn't wear the knickerbockers but I really like the bodice, a bit of an alternative to the waistcoat and with the same little white blouse again.
Now I don't knit but I just can't help but really like this.  It may look slightly old fashioned but I do like the knit and the little flowers on the sleeves and hemline. 
122 B
Another very sweet little jacket, I love the puffy sleeves and close fit though I think I would leave off the giant puffy pockets.

There are quite a few garments in this issue that are what I would consider basics so not that inspiring but not awful too.  This is one that I just really don't like though.
Hate the style of the oversized waist coat, hate the shiny plastic and velvet and hate the leopard print trousers.  I'm really not sure how this fits with the Falling in Love theme but there we are!

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