Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cardiff Trip Purchases

On my lovely week off before the start of the Christmas rush at work, I went on a trip to Cardiff with my lovely friend Kylie.  We went to the Creative Stitches show as it was far nearer to me then the Sewing for Pleasure show that we normally go to in Birmingham.  Unfortunately it wasn't nearly as good.  There were a lot of card making stalls and some really random ones selling cheese and nuts but I did find something to spend my money on.
Iron on appliqués
Aren't these cute?  I could have bought so many more of them! They have a website too called Patsy May but they don't seem to have all the designs on there so far.  I am hoping they add them soon as I can see that I am going to want more.

Next we went on the search for vintage shops in the town and after seeing a few which were not quite what we were looking for we stumbled upon the wonderful Vintage Affair.  They don't seem to have a website but the link is to the facebook page.  The shop is amazing, it is a complete treasure trove of goodies with everything downstairs dating up to the 1950's and upstairs is '60's to modern day.  I totally love this shop and spent an hour and a half in there just looking at the clothing and sewing patterns and trim.  I tried on the most fantastic lacey wedding dress which was far too small but I am in love with it.

I bought a couple of bits:
Vintage pin
Plastic fruit possibly for jewellery or sweater clips
Beautiful aged lace trim
Black lace trim

How beautiful is this trim?  One triangle of it could jazz a top up so much!  The lady in the shop believes it is actually Victorian.  I can't believe it, actual Victorian trim and it was really reasonable priced too.  They have lots of different vintage trims from different eras and all really well priced.

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