Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Burda Style Magazine 10/12 Review

There are lots of pretty pink outfits in this issue, yay for me as I like pastels, but I'm not sure a fan of the 'sophisticated' section as it seems a bit boring to me.
Shirt 114A, Skirt 126A
Unfortunately there is not a good picture of this skirt which looks to be gathered around the waist and has little ribbon bows all the way down the folds.  I really like the shimmer glittery lurex top which is great for feeling Christmassy which I feel like I officially can now.   I know most people think it is too early but if you work in retail like me, you have been talking about the big C since August so I am pretty worn out with it now!
Dress 108B
I really like the pleats which go all the way down the front of the dress but that isn't very obvious in the picture.  I think they might be tucks on the bodice so that they lay flat.  I don't really like the length but that could be changed easily.
Dress 128
This dress has some stunning fabric which really helps but I think it would look really cute.  It actually has a v neck and the model is wearing a shiny necklace rather than it being a peter pan collar.
Jacket 106 Skirt 107
 I am a sucker for all things military, though this is a shocking picture of this coat.  I love the double row of shiny buttons and the epaulettes. 
Dress 108 A
This is the pleated dress again and I think you can see the tucks a bit better in this fabric.  It looks really different in a more casual fabric too.
Dress 137
I quite like this plus size pattern and the neck opening is really different and looks really cosy for winter, plus I do really like empire line dresses.
Oh I love owls, they are super popular at the moment but I don't mind as I do think they are sweet.  I love these different shaped felt ones.
I love the purses too, these are quite an old idea but I think they have been updates.  Just look at that hedgehogs face!

I haven't done a dislike section this month, there wasn't anything super terrible so I think I will just keep it for a time I see one of those super crazy patterns.

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  1. I don't really read the magazine but I do love the website - so many inspiring things to make!