Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Belated Birthday Presents

I was very late on sending birthday presents to my sister this year.  I am not going to tell you how late as I am too ashamed of myself!  Here is a little pic of the parcel I sent:
 The journal is the only thing I bought, if you haven't seen it, each page has instructions which you have to follow which quite literally wrecks it.  I am sure Claire will enjoy doodling, sticking sweets and tearing bits out of it!
I made this cute little day of the dead brooch from the Zombie Felties book which I think was a gift from my sister originally.  He was very cute to make though quite time consuming with all his stitching and beading. 

 I made a little gnome clip to add to a zip or necklace or something as gnomes are always cool.  This was from 100 Beaded Treasures, Trinkets and Charms which really is a lovely book.  Everything is made using wire but I think you could use plastic thread too.
The main present was this canvas tote bag which I embellished with a cross stitched sugar skull.  This one is from Twisted Stitches though it does annoy me that the pattern is not totally symmetrical so it looks a little unbalanced but that is just my love of symmetry speaking.