Thursday, 9 July 2015

Epic bunting

It's been a while!   Sometimes life gets busy and blogging takes a back seat. In this case it was a maternity break heehee!  I can't promise to be posting more often as it is hard to get time to spend sewing with a baby. 

This is a project I recently completed to make bunting for my mother-in-laws preschool.  It is 50 flags long and reads "TSJ preschool celebrates an outstanding OFSTED."   The letters are all hand sewn and this took me a good few weeks when you only get an hour or so a day to work on it.  I used gingham as it reminds me of school summer dresses and it is an affordable fabric.  The school colours are red and blue too so it is a nod to that.  I am I  love with the bright blue binding it is so vivid and eye catching! 

I have a secret project on the go at the moment and have been doing lots of sewing planning even if I haven't been able to do that much!  Planning is half the fun sometimes! 

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