Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My 1975 Ditsy Floral Dress -Finished!

I have finished my dress :)  This makes me happy!  I am off camping this weekend so I knew I wouldn't have a chance to work on it so it has just been little bits here and there and I managed to hem it this morning.
Front view
The sleeves are puffier than I first thought but I like it though they are a little tight even with reducing the seam allowance.  I added the lace trim that I bought at this years Sewing for Pleasure and threaded a blue ribbon through it to make it stand out.  I think it breaks the dress up a bit and it means that I won't have to wear an uncomfortable belt with it. 
Back view
The lace is very slightly out of line on the zip but not enough to make me want to re-do it.  I added some of the spare blue ribbon at the top of the zip instead of using a hook and eye as I think the little bow is cute.
Sweet puffy sleeves
Ribbon and lace combo
I actually managed to get and ok-ish, though not smiling, picture of me in it, I'm feeling that '70's vibe!
I was going to shorten it a fair bit more as I usually like my dresses above the knee but when I tried it on before hemming I quite liked the length so I have kept it.


  1. This dress is really flattering; nicely done! (Now I want the pattern!)

  2. VEry smart and flattering! Who knew that those 70's styles would be so "in" again!

  3. You did a great job on the dress! I had to click when I saw 1975...that was the year of my birth. Who knew something designed 36 years ago would look so good now?

  4. Thank you! I love using older patterns and re-inventing them so that they suit modern fashions, sometimes they don't need that much, just a new fabric or shorter hem.