Wednesday, 2 March 2011

An introduction to me and my crafts

Welcome to my first blog and first blog post!  

My blog is all about the sewing and crafting projects that I have a great passion for.  I enjoy them and thought it was about time I shared how I get from A to B rather than just posting the results.  I often post on Craftster and The Sewing Forum so you may see my work popping up there, but I am hoping the blog will be more of a work-in-progress diary update of projects that I am continuing with, as well as the final finished garment or item.

I am also shamelessly trying to generate online sales in my Misi shop (like etsy but in the UK) so look out for things that will be going on sale soon!

So I thought I would post some of my most recently finished projects, just so you can see some of my work so far.

Polka Dot Dress

 I made this for my sister as a Christmas present although she didn't get it until after Christmas as I had to get the fit right.  It is from an out of print Simplicity pattern and it was very difficult to part with except that it wouldn't have fitted me anyway!

Fabric Yoyo Hairclip
This was to match the dress and was my first time making yoyos which are easy and very fun to make.  There are lots of tutorials on the web on how to make these.
Hanging Heart Valentines Card
For the bf, the heart is felt and stuffed and can come off the card to hang up afterwards.  We didn't have much money to spend this year and I like handmade cards when I have time to do them as they are much more personal.

 Maple Syrup Cake

I love baking and I like trying out new recipes so this was a maple syrup cake with orange and pecan nuts and whipped cream icing which I liked but Sam didn't.   I think its probs a 3/5 cake as its nice but not spectacular and really filling.

The link to my online shop is  :)

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