Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sewing for Pleasure 2011-Underwear through the ages

My second Sewing for Pleasure post is all about undies!  There a was lovely and slightly overlooked display of underwear from the 1800's until modern day which was one of the attractions for me this year.  I love period clothing and seeing how underwear shaped over clothes is important to get the right look.  They are a mix of reproduction and original underwear, the displays didn't say which were which but I think it was fairly easy to tell.
Early 1800s
This shows all the different layers of underwear, corsets, hoops, petticoats and shifts.
Bustle skirt hoop
Gorgeous black and gold corset with decorative and practical stitching
Late 1800/Early 1900
Long corset with suspenders
'Bust smoother' to reduce unsightly lumps and bumps!
Less structured for wearing under flapper dresses
First bras and 2 piece underwear
Child's underwear
Still constricting but keeps the stomach and thighs smooth and reduced
With a poofy petticoat
Blow up bra!!!
Mini underwear for shop displays
Pretty prints, knickers and negligees
Look at that all in one!
Dress made from bras for charity
Really lovely garments I think you will agree!

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