Monday, 28 March 2011

Sewing for Pleasure 2011-Knitting madness!


I had a fantastic day at Sewing for Pleasure and I am really glad I went now and didn't just give up when I was trying a failing to book some sort of cheap transport.  I was very good and stayed within my budget though my budget was from savings that I hope I can pay back as I had no money left by the time the event came round *sigh*  I have quite alot of pictures so I am going to split them over a few posts but they will be picture heavy as they are all lovely and I want to share.

This post is dedicated to the knitted sculpture that was made by volunteers to raise money for the RNLI which is a very worthy and fitting cause.
The theme was above and below the sea and they built a huge mound which on the outside was above the sea complete with cliffs, beaches, lighthouses, pirates, and everything you can think of.
For perspective this is the sea monster with my friend.  It is huge!
These have to be my favourites, there is even a Jack Sparrow!
Sunbathing pirates!
Then you go through the mound, into a blue lit tunnel and you are under the sea.
There was a heck of alot of mermaids

My favourites from inside were the jellyfish made from lampshades and the stingrays
And finally, the amazing life size mermaid on the way out
As someone that cannot knit I find all this fascinating and I loved looking at all the little details that were included.

It was a great day out and I got to visit all my favourite stalls from last year and got some great bargains too.  The fashion show was good but maybe not quite as good as last year but I think this was to do with there being less recognisable collections.  the next post will be all about...underwear!

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