Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Late Christmas presents are the best!

I have been away for the weekend with my lovely *hem* bunch of guides.  We did some crafty activites including glass painting, space pictures and lavender bags which went down well apart from the fact they cannot be trusted with expensive permenant paint and got it everywhere.  We also made 5 min ice cream and sherbet which worked really well and I would recommend to anyone.

Before I went away I recieved a lovely late Christmas present form a fellow crafty friend.  She made me this gorgeous wollen scarf which changes colour and the colours themselves really remind me on her :)

Isn't it amazing?  It must have taken her ages!  I also got this very cute earring tree and a necklace holder which I haven't put up yet as I am not sure where to put it yet.

She sent me this very cute little mirror, I love the Moomins and I have a bit of an on going joke/nickname with my bf about them too.  It has a pretty blue moomin on the otherside too.
 The whole lot is amazing and I can't wait to use them!  At the moment I am working on a carrier bag holder which I am hoping to applique some fruit onto in rainbow colours so here is a progress so far piccie!
I got hungry tonight and tried the microwave cake recipe that has been circling the net.  It totally exploded heehee!  but was very yummy and I added choc chunks. 

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