Saturday, 26 March 2011

Birdy Skirt - Work in Progress

I am off to Sewing for Pleasure after work today and I just cannot wait!  I  am going with my friend Kylie I haven't seen for aaaages and its just been too long.  The buses and trains are going to take hours and are expensive even though I did shop around and have got the cheapest tickets I could. This means I am travelling late at night so I won't be much good come Monday morning but its only once a year so I think I can cope!  The annoying thing is that my broken battery charger for  my camera has finally given up  the ghost completely so I will have to use my phone for pictures for now.

I started this skirt on my day off this week, taking a break from re-doing the sewing room (which will be in an upcoming post once its has done and I can free the 'before' pics from my useless camera.)  I am using this pattern and fabric which is from Ikea and I have had in my stash for too long :S
The boyfriend reckons it looks like a table cloth, gee thanks, but I think it will look spring like as it is cut into panels and looks flattering in the picture.  I have cut it out, though I  am not pattern matching as I  only had one metre and the design is haphazard and has a big repeat which would make it impossible in that small amount of fabric.  It only cost me £2.10 though :)
I have cute the panels and sewn the seams but I don't have a zip the right size and I am waiting on some twill tape for the waist which doesn't have a waistband which is interesting.  Here is it just pinned to my model, I  think it is going to be big on me so I will be taking it in if that is the case.  I had difficulty picking the right size for this pattern as my hips and waist are about 3 sizes apart heehee!  I like that I can tailor it for me though.  Strangley this is the first skirt I have made!  I know that most people start on skirts but I went straight for the dress, skirts are much quicker to go together.

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