Sunday, 20 March 2011

My 1970's Vintage Patterns

Continuing my previous post, here are my seventies patterns!  I shall have to collect some sixties ones as I don't have any yet.
Silver Needles 56
This is the second pattern I won in a giveaway, I really like the shape of this shirt dress, it is tailored and fitted which is something I like in clothing and has a lovely collar and puffy sleeves.  

Simplicity 5296
This was an ebay purchase as I just loved the 2 shorter length dresses.  The longer one makes me giggle as it is so seventies in print and fashion ans I can't ever see myself making that one!  I have some lovely turquiose and gold trim which I bought at last years Sewing for Pleasure which I want to use on the middle dress, possibly with turquoise or pale pink or chocolate brown silk.  I haven't decided yet and this on has long been in the daydreaming in my head stages.

Style 1195
This was a gift from my craft and vintage loveing friend Kylie who found it in a charity shop.  It used to be really easy to find patterns in charity shops but it seems to be getting more and more difficult now.  I am really glad she picked it up as it is very me.  I love the little red dress with puff sleeves and I have some ditsy floral print which I plan to use to make this dress, again only in the planning stages.

Style 1128
Thes rest of the patterns in the post were all from my grans pattern stash, most of which have been used.  I got these when we were clearing the house after she passed away as no one else in the family would want them and I was allowed free range through her sewing supplies.  She was a great inspiration to me and got me interested in cross stitch as a little girl.  These were patterns she made for herself and the later ones were possibly for my mum and aunt too.  These are pretty sentimental to me, especially as we found some old black and white pictures of my gran obviously wearing many of her homemade creations around the time she would have got married.  They are not my usual style but I will be hanging on to them anyway, just because they came from her.

Style 1705
I don't really wear long skirts as I am fairly short and I think they tend to make me look shorter but I quite like the mid-lenght ones on here.  I think I would make them above the knee though as it is more flattering.

Style 1659
This is quite simular but I just love the pocket details, big square or curved ones.

Simplicity 7952
This has quite a nice little neckline but I don't know why she is nuzzling a kitten in the picture!

Style 2537
This pattern makes me giggle a little, the smock style on the left is very unflattering and the model in shirt dress on the right looks like Princess Di!

That's it for my 1970's patterns for now!  I have been ebaying today though so I expect I will have new patterns to show you soon.

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