Friday, 25 March 2011

Ebay Pattern Binge!

I have no money.  So of course I bought patterns.  :S  Well in my defence they were paid for using my Papal, so its not like it is REAL money. *ahem* Plus I am going away to the Sewing for Pleasure exhibition in Birmingham this weekend where I am hoping to pick up some lovely new fabric and now I have patterns to go with it!  Enough with the justifications, on to the patterns!
Vogue 6654
This was quoted as a 1940's pattern when I bought it and that was one of the reasons I went for it though it doesn't have the date anywhere on it.  I would like to get the date confirmed but can't find it online so it is quite possible. The style and hair dos look 40s though which is positive.  I don't think I would ever wear this but I would really like the challenge of making it.  I love the pin tucks just not sure about the frills.
Butterick 5033
This is a re-print of a 1952 pattern which I only bid on as I couldn't see it go for 99p!  heehee!  I wasn't going to buy any more 50's but I did and I love the necklines, they are very summery looking.
Sunday People 567
A free with a newspaper pattern but I had to have it as it is so sweet!  I love the bib front and shirt under dress look and this is lovely!  It is a few sizes too big fr me so I will have to have a go at grading it but I am game for this as it was cheap.  It was also listed as 1970's but I think it might be more modern than that as the sizing is pretty much modern sizes, i.e. size 16 is a shop size 16 instead of smaller.

.................and now, my favourite pattern to date.....................
Simplicity 4399
eeeeee  Don't you just love it!  I love everything about this!  The big buttons, the off centre fold, the big skirt and the cute wiggle dress.  I was so happy to get this one as I really love it!  I believe it to be another 1950's patter, again no date shown.  I love it when patterns come back in style and I can't believe how many 50's style dresses and prints I have seen recently.  Hooray!

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