Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hug from a Mug Rug!

Today I managed to finish off my mug rug which I hope to give to one of my friends tomorrow.  Mug rugs are basically oversized coasters for a hot mug and biscuit and are usually made using patchwork and quilting methods.  They have become very popular on carfting websites at the moment and I just had to give one a try!

This is my first attempt, its for someone who loves monkeys so I went with that theme then played about with fabric scraps and bits I had and some really cute binding I found in Knitters and Sewers World, my local sewing shop.  I am pretty pleased with it and the wonky sewing just adds to the homemadeness!
 On the back view you can see the quilting better.  This stripey fabric annoys me as although it is pretty it NEVER stays in a straight line so always looks wonky once you have sewn with it.  I have loads given to me by a friend so I expect you will see more of it!  I haven't yet used it in a garment as I think it may be a little overpowering on its own.

Also this week I recieved these loovely ceramic buttons which I won in an Abakhan competition.  No idea what to use them for yet but they are really sweet.
I also got a great ebay package which was a complete bargain, some pretty pastals which I am busy thinking up ways to use.  I don't wear pastals that often but I really liked these prints so I expect some sort of summery dress or skirt.

I have started my next project, a carrier bag holder, not very exciting but very practical and hopefully something that can be quite pretty.

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