Thursday, 24 March 2011

Dressmaking Inspiration

Where do you get yours?  Mine seems to come from all over the place but I keep a file on my computer for pictures I have seen online or on tv and can quickly save before I forget.  I am working on a kind of mood/ideas board for my craft room at the moment and thought I would share a few of the images I am using on it.  Most of these are pretty much fantasy dresses, ones I do not think I will ever make but love to death.  (These are all pictures I have 'borrowed' from other sites and I don't have the rights to them but I'm sure you could find them if you googled.)
 Alice Dresses
 Who didn't love the Alice dresses in Tim Burton's wonderland?  I love the blackwork on the hem of this one and the buttoned bodice.
I can't tell you how much I love this coat!  It is perfect in every way, colour, fit, cute buttons, tapered towards the back, frogging etc.
A fabulous use of GIANT RIC-RAC!  I have seen this in the shops and I just wouldn't know what to use it on but this is great, plus the velvet waistcoat.
Another gorgeous blue dress with a big ruffly bustle, I love bustles!  The sleeves are really sweet and the dark side panels on the bodice would be very slimming.
Pushing Daisies
I love Chuck's style in this series but this was my favourite dress and I did make my own version which I love to bits.  
I partly watch Merlin for the costumes, but I think I do that with quite alot of tv shows and films.  I one day want to make this dress and overdress which I think is wonderful.  The colours are my favourites and they look so elegant.  I can see me turning up to a ball wearing this and it would be completely different.
Tv Advert
I can't find any great pictures of this dress but on the advert it comes across as beautiful.  It is hard to see here but its totally snow queen.
Red Carpet Dress
Some people hated this dress but I don't.  The graduation between black and blue, the unusual straps and glittering jewel details are so different and lovely.  I want to try draping one day and go for a similar look.
Online Stores
I can't remember which website I originally saw this on but it was an online store and it was sold out in my size so I decided I should make one.  I saved the image and haven't done anything about it yet.  I have a pattern that would work with modifications but have yet to find a similar fabric.  Navy stripes are easy but baby blue?

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  1. I adored the dresses in Alice in Wonderland. I loved the one she wears later in the queen of hearts castle, its just so pretty! I would so wear it!

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  2. Me too, plus I love the one the hatter makes for her when she is tiny but I didn't want to overload the post with Alice dresses heehee! My dream job would be a costume designer for that kind of film!

  3. Wow! I would not know to choose one of them, each has beautiful details and understand that you are in love with them, but I have to confess something to you .... I'm dying for your collection of vintage 50s patterns !!!!!

  4. Thanks! I may have accidentally bought a couple more to add to it! I am going fabric buying this weekend though so hopefully a 50s dress will come about soonish.

  5. has that light blue stripe fabric. I just bought some similar. It is on sale too! $1.98 a yard:

  6. Thank you that fabric is perfect, unfortunately I am UK based so would cost quite a bit in postage and customs from that site.