Sunday, 11 December 2011

Pan Am Costume

I am getting behind on my blogging so I have queued up a few posts this week so you won't get inundated with them all at once! 

Onto the sewing!  When I was at university I was part of the Student Guide and Scout society and every term they do a fancy dress pub crawl.  As an oldie I still get invited along (read: I invite myself along!) and this term it was something beginning with your first initial.  I wasn't sure I would have time to make something new so I was going to go as Snow White but in the end I did have time and thought I would go as a sailor.  Sorted.  Then I watched an episode of Pan Am (if you haven't seen it, watch it!  NOW!) and as I was lusting over the 50's/60's glamour I realised that I could be a stewardess!  This would be perfect and would realise some of my vintage fantasies.  
Pan Am-ing it up

Hand made items
 I had recently seen a tutorial on Instructables and had bookmarked it for the future.  I do this a lot with things I like but rarely seem to actually use them.  I used the pattern the author made for the hat, though I did find the hat band was not long enough for the hat.  I also lined it with the blue cotton I used for the hat and skirt, I had 1.50m and it was just enough.
Flying Hat 
hmmm a 2-4-1 on cocktails you say?
 Better picture of my make up - red nails, red lips, and hair which I used a You Tube tutorial for which is actually a method of curling hair but you leave it wrapped around a hairband and I thought this was a great up-do for the hat.

 I used an odd gold button from my stash where the Pan Am emblem normally goes.  I also bought a little Pam Am badge on ebay to pin to my shirt and to hint to those people that didn't know what I was supposed to be.  The hat is also the second time I have used piping and this one was far more successful as I used shop bought piping rather than making my own (which failed) though I would use a proper tutorial next time if I made my own rather than just bodging it up.

Back view
 This was in no way my most careful project, I thought of a better way of sewing the vent straight after I did it, the zip is appalling and will be re-done using a different method, and the hemming stitches were too tight and you can see the ham all the way round even though I hand stitched it.  I didn't line it as it is essentially a costume but I do think I will wear it again after I have tidied it up a bit as I think it actually looks quite flattering on me.  Plus this was a great way of making a wearable muslin for a pattern that I am sure I will make again.  It would look great in a nice woolen or plaid and properly lined.
I used a Burda Style pattern from issue 8/11, pattern number 122, which was a stretch pencil skirt.  I didn't realise it was stretch pattern until after cutting out the very non-stretch cotton.  This wasn't too big of a mistake though, it just meant there was not much ease so I reduced the seam allowances on the sides and back to give my bum and thighs a bit move room to move.  I was going dancing in this, I needed a bit of wriggle room! 
Exits to the side of the plane!
I had a great night and the costumes were all really good.  Quite a few people knew who I was supposed to be and one had even watched the tv programme.  Someone did think I was a Thunderbird though!  Multi-purpose outfit perhaps?  Heehee!