Monday, 2 May 2011

Queen of Hearts Jacket Finished!

Finished Jacket
It's done!  Hooray!  I just hate it when project drag on longer than expected and you become a bit jaded and uninspired by them, which is what happened to this towards the end.  Instead of rushing it and most likely bodging it up I had a break and took my time when I encountered problems and it seems to have worked.
Jacket Back
To finish off I hemmed and added lace to the sleeves and had fun adding the eyelets to the front and lacing it up.  I have not used them before and I was really surprised with how easily they went it (I did do one back to front, but I think its part of the learning curve!)  I am pretty happy with it though it is a little small, I am hoping that it will be fine for the day.

Quick snap of me trying it on, not the full outfit as I haven't made a top yet but it does go well with my dress!
Smile for the mirror shot!


  1. That turned out great! I love the color blocking!

  2. Your jacket looks great. The lace trim ties it to the skirt nicely. Great job on the hearts. You have put a lot of work into that jacket.

  3. Thank you, I was hoping the trim would tie it in and I didn't really want to go with the red and white theme again, plus it is all lined in black which should show through when twirling the skirt.

  4. Impressive!! Love that dress too, I have a similar one in blue I think!

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  5. Thanks! It's an H&M one I got quite a few years ago before the lace trend took off lol