Saturday, 14 May 2011

Burda May 2011

I wasn't overly impressed by this month's Burda, I think the cover dress is the main selling point and appears 3 times which sort of proves my point!  However I loved the fabric used in the first Seaside Summer collection which was all about the Toile-de-Jouy fabric and is actually something I have been looking for recently.  I envision a lovely china print '50's dress......anyway on to the pictures!
 My favourite piece is this lovely skirt, it looks so swirly and fun and the dip-dying at the bottom of the skirt is such a good idea!

The line drawing for this dress is really pretty and I wish there was a better picture, its a shirred top and tiered frill skirt, which is really floaty and pretty.
 I like the cut of this little jacket but I don't really like the fabric they used to make it, but that can be easily changed.
I wish this was an adult  pattern!  The stripes, boat neck and little anchor appliqué are so cute!

Burda also had a go at the 1950's look this month which I was really looking forward to.  In fact it wasn't that amazing but there are a few little gems.
This is the cover dress I was talking about, it is shaped on the bust and gathers up in the skirt with a little flower-style detail which is really pretty.  I like it best here though it was also shown with the cover up on and in a bright orange satin fabric.  I have a feeling it won't fit so well on larger chested ladies but would be lovely for summer weddings.

This is the other Fifties Fashions piece that I think captures the look best.  I would never wear it but I love the look of the little bra top and flowing skirt (the skirt pattern from earlier and the bra made from the top of the above dress.)

From the crafty projects section I really like these fairy lights that have been jazzed up by making tassles from fabric and wrapping them round the bulbs.
Worst Dressed Award
I started picking one pattern I didn't like last month and thought I would carry it on, it was tough this month as there was on whole section, Scintillating Prints, in which I didn't like any of the fabrics they used and my choice does come from here, though the runner up was a shiny pink dress with the zip down the side.
Honestly I could have chosen any outfit from this collection but this was my worst.  I hate the print, it is really 90's and out of fashion.  I hate the print combined with the rouched style which also looks outdated.  I especially hate the type of fabric they used, a cheap looking stretchy jersey.  Why you would want to wear this on the beach I don't know, it fits a '90's disco much better!

Let me know what you think of these and the other patterns in May's mag!

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