Sunday, 1 May 2011

Queen of Hearts Jacket - Work in Progress 4

Phew!  This project is now epic!  I didn't realise how much time and effort goes into a jacket or coat rather than a summer dress!  It has been very interesting though and I like to learn something for each project I make.  So were did I get to last time...

I  have lined the peplum and sewn it to the jacket...
Peplum and back of jacket
...which was pretty straight forward (look at those lined up seams :) they make me happy!)  Then I added the sleeves, now this was more complicated.  I sewed them on and tried on my almost competed outer layer was waaaaay too tight on the sleeves.  I couldn't even move my arms so I widened the arm holes (a couple of times until I got it right) but now at least I think I can move while wearing it, which will be an advantage to dancing.
Sleeves unfinished
Next came the lining which I basically stitched up the same way as the jacket outer though I am also lining the sleeves which is not included in the pattern. 
Lining with sleeves
Piccies of my lining, which obviously will go in right side out but it looked pretty on my model like this.
Lining back
Now I have sewn in the lining which included hand sewing where the bottom of the jacket meets the peplum and tried it on again.  It has come up small, which is unusual for me, it is normally the other way around.  I think it will be fine, it will just mean some adjustment to the corset-style ties at the front so they don't look too ridiculous.  If I  made this pattern again I would make it maybe 2 sizes bigger, a 12 instead of an 8.  I read a review which said you needed to make it smaller than your normal size which I should not have listened to.  I vary between a 8-12 in different patterns anyway but never mind, it's only a costume after all.  Just finishing the sleeves and the eyelets and lacing to go!  Woo!

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