Sunday, 3 April 2011

Birdy Skirt - Complete

As promised, pictures of the finished skirt :) I am very pleased with how it turned out and am actually wearing it today and have found it goes with a lot more of my clothing than I originally thought. 
It doesn't really have a waist band, the pattern uses twill tape to help it stay up which I have not used before but it has been fine today.  It sits under the waist anyway so doesn't really need to be tight.
Twill tape at waist band
I also found my care labels which I had made from a company on ebay over a year ago but which disappeared when I moved house.  Aren't they cute?

Finally and picture of me wearing it, though it is not very good as I had to use the self timer as the boyfriend was not obliging.  (Some sort of racing was more important haha!)
I hemmed it a little shorted than the original picture as skirts longer then knee length don't look right on me.  I wore a simple cardi and top with it but think it will work with quite a lot of outfits, I have a mustard coloured top that I think will look particularly nice.


  1. Thank you! Yeah it was 2 quid a metre, always good! I am so glad I found the labels, I originally bought them to put on something I made for my sister as a little surprise but lost them again until now. Everything will be covered in them now!

  2. Nice skirt! How does the twill tape hold it up?

  3. The skirt is pretty fitted so it would hold up on its own, I think the twill tape is to give it a bit more grip against your skin and also stops the top of the skirt from rolling under. I have a shop bought dress in a similar pattern and it stays up without any waistband at all.

  4. Love the fabric!

  5. Wow. I've never done a skirt with twill tape going to have to try it.

    Love the skirt and fabric.