Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Queen of Hearts Jacket - Work in Progress 2

Finally got some sewing in today as the sun was a being a bit wishy-washy and not tempting me to the garden!  So back to the Queen of Hearts jacket, there were lots of pieces (I only cut 2 the wrong way round, and one was only little) so I separated the colours on to my bookshelves so I wouldn't lose any. 
From bottom, pattern, lining, red and top out of picture is red
(A collar facing still managed to disappear though!  Luckily its the smallest piece so I just re-cut it.)
Lllllllllllots of progress pictures.............
Front bodice 

Back Bodice
 This looks very striking I think!
 The collar was quite fiddly, and the instructions were not particularly clear, it made it sound like you had to sew the facings on twice rather than the proper fabric.  I chose to alternate every piece red and white in the end which I think has a lot of impact.
Front bodice with collar
Back bodice with collar
Just look at that lining up!  That makes me so happy!
Bodice with Queen collar
I also made the huge stand up Queen collar included in the pattern as I want it to be over the top and obvious that I am the queen of my birthday and not just a boring card :p  Obviously none of it is lined yet but you can see the shape.  I do have interfacing air bubble (see previous post) but it is not as obvious as I first thought.  I should have interfaced the lining not the cheapy satin but ah well!  I have started the jacket peplum but just chomped a big hole in it :S I do have a way to save it though!

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