Thursday, 21 April 2011

Birthday Cakes!

Yesterday was my boyfriends birthday and as we are short on money at the moment I decided to make both his card and cake but to make it a little bit different and quite personal.  I like making things for other people as I just love the reaction you get from them. 

I found someone on DeviantArt who had cross stitched some Moomin patterns and I commented on how much I liked them, and she sent me the scans of the patterns!
Snork Maiden

I couldn't see the colour symbols very well on the pattern so I just used colours that I thought matched the cartoon.  Moomin is one of our pet names for each other heehee! 

I also saw some amazing Cookie Monster cakes on Craftster a little while ago and thought they would be perfect for his birthday.

I didn't really remember the details for the Craftster ones but I used white chocolate buttons and chocoltae drops for the eyes, oreos for the mouth and a heck of a lot of blue cream cheese icing which I piped to get the hairy look!  This recipe makes a heck of a lot and I only really needed half for 12 cupcakes.  They are chocolate chip cakes too which are lovely!  I think it would work well with marshmallows for eyes too. 


  1. I love the cookie monster cupcakes. You did such a great job. You have a lot of patience to make that card. It looks super!

  2. Thanks! The card was actually pretty quick, it took me 2 evenings, while watching tv. I normally do very large cross stitch projects so this seemed really fast!