Saturday, 16 April 2011

Queen of Hearts Jacket - Work in Progress

This jacket has become a very slow project, luckily I started working on it very early so I haven enough time still.  I have cut out all the white pieces.....

and all the red! 

There are so many pieces and I haven't even started the lining yet which is going to be a black cotton.  The white and red are some very cheap satin fabric that looks bright and shiny but doesn't breathe well so I am lining it with cotton rather than something shiny as it will be nicer next to my skin.  Also I chose red and white instead of the red and black in the pattern picture for two reasons, firstly I already had enough of the red and some white and no black and secondly I think it more closely resembles the playing card suit rather than just going as a Disney style queen.  I want to make the costume my own rather than a copy of Disney or Tim Burton as I just think its more fun that way and I don't have to worry about being accurate.

I have been having problems with my interfacing though.  I am using fusible interfacing on the bodice of the jacket and when I ironed it onto the back white piece it has come up really bubbly like this:

This makes me sad.  I have used it before, though not with this cheapo fabric and it hasn't done this.  I have been more careful with the other pieces and the smaller ones have come out far better.  I then padded out my ironing board with a towel, as the cover is wearing thin and I could also see the marks on the fabric and this helped but it is still not gone.  If anyone has any suggestions/advice for using fusible interfacing and keeping the bubbles out, or even getting rid of them after they appear?  Please let me know.  :)

Also my Daddy has been taken into hospital today and I'm wishing him all the best for his operation later tonight xx  (Sewing keeps me from worrying too much)


  1. Try your iron at a lower setting and press down firmly don't move around the iron much.

    I can't wait to see how this turns out!

    I've been layering all my pieces at once and then cutting. It has saved me lots of time. I don't recommend doing it with chiffon as it likes to move even if it is pinned.

    I hope your dad is doing ok!

  2. Thank you! I will try that! Yeah I didn't want to pin them all together as I knew I would have the movement problem, plus I was using fabric which I have used for previous projects so it had big chunks out of it! Was a bit of a puzzle getting all the pieces to fit.

  3. Sometimes I hate fusible interfacing for just that reason. I made a trench coat once and the facing bubbled with the interfacing. I have been told that the interfacing needs to be preshrunk. (soak in hot water and hang to dry) Most of the time I now use sew-in interfacing. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Always nice to meet another sewist!

  4. Ah good tip, thanks!! I think if I use it for something that isn't a costume then I will try the sew in interfacing to try and prevent any problems.