Friday, 1 April 2011

Burda April 2011

I saw on another blog that someone had done a little review of Burda magazine last month, with the good and the bad bits in it and ?I though this was a good idea so this is what I think of it. 
I buy this every month as even if there are only a few things I like it works out as really good value for money as all the patterns are included.  My favourite collection from his month is the Flower Girls section which was just my style and included these lovely dresses.
All very floaty and feminine and lovely.  I will hopefully get my act together and use these magazines more, I am hoping by reviewing them it will make me remember the garments in it for future use.  I also like this shirt dress from the Untamed Beauty collection, though I didn't like anything else much from it.
Nice and summery over trousers or shorts, the other collections were not very inspiring and the nautical stuff was really big and baggy but my worst dressed award goes to this little number:
:O!  This is just awful!  Tiered fabric like that just increases the models size but when you see it blowing in the breeze she looks positively cone-like!  Not my cup of tea at all.  something that I really liked though, came form the more crafty section.  9 times out of 10 these sections are pretty much duds and don't produce anything I would wear but this tutorial is just lovely.
Who knew bending sequins could look so pretty?  I really like the idea of adding them to the shoes, they look gorgeous!  I hope I can find some of these large sequins to try it myself.

Does anyone else buy this mag?  What were your favourites?


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