Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Burda Style January 2012

After the fabulous December issue this January one is a little disappointing.  There were a lot less things I liked in it, the first section of the New Look dresses just looks a bit shapeless and not flattering to me but maybe I am just not in fashion and prefer the vintage new look heehee!
Bustier 124, Pants 127
However the next section is the yearly underwear chapter.  Hooray!  I love this bit.  I'm not sure why but the underwear and PJ issues are among my favourites. 
Bolero 157
Such a sweet little ruffle bolero!  I am not sure about leaving the serged edges raw but I do really like it and you could make one in every colour to match every outfit!
Jacket 106
I really love this jacket!  It looks so cosy and warm and the ruffles are really pretty.  It says it is made from mohair fleece, and the picture is quite a loose weave fabric.  I had a look online but mohair fleece doesn't bring up a lot of results.  The main thing that came up was mohair fur for making teddy bears.  If anyone could point me in the right direction for this type of fabric I would be grateful.  I expect it will be expensive too!
Blouse 116 C
I have a bit of a thing about star print so it is hardly surprising that I like this.  The sheer fabric is really pretty too and a wrap top is always flattering.
Blouse 116 B, Skirt 105
This is a great combination, it looks like a dress but is actually a skirt and the blouse from above but in black.  I really like the idea of layering the sheer black over the black satin skirt, I might have to try that, I have been looking for a more dressy skirt to go with going out tops.
Top 112, Skirt 115
I cannot help my love the romantic fantasy style of the Fashion Poetry section even if the patterns themselves are not very inspiring, the settings, photography and hairstyles really are.  This floaty top and skirt look great on the back of a horse, not sure they would in real life but I love them here.
Jacket 107
Here is that jacket again in a cream fabric and longer length.  Argh I want it!  I fear the fabric will cost an arm and a leg but I need it in my life.  Again, any help finding this would be appreciated. 

There were quite a few things I didn't like in this issue but for giggles I had to share one of the dressing up ideas.  Most are pretty standard but imagine if you tried to dress your kid in this!


  1. That is an awesome jacket! Wish you luck in finding the fabric.

  2. As we learned from the Old Spice commercials, everything looks better on a horse...

    Way to not be bewitched by awesome photo styling; I always am and then end up with outfits I'll never wear.

  3. OMG that costume is shocking! Imagine a kid trying to play or eat cake in it!

  4. The styling is beguiling! Hey a rhyme!

    Haha the kid would be shouting and screaming in 2 minutes flat!