Sunday, 15 January 2012

Charity Shop Bed Sheets

 This week I popped into a couple of charity shops in town ans I found a couple of double duvets which I think have great potential for dress/skirts/tops.  The first is mainly white with little green flowers and it has a band around the bottom with green, orange and yellow tones.  I think the border could be the bottom of a skirt or waistband on a dress.  

The second is a tea coloured paisley print also with a border.  If anyone has any pattern suggestions for these then I would love to know what you would make.  The duvets were the grand sums of £3.99 each and I think I can get a fair amount of usable fabric out of both of them.  I am hoping these will become Sew Weekly creations but I am not sure what yet.  I won't be making something every week but I though this was a great way to keep my costs down.

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