Sunday, 29 January 2012

I Heart Dorothy Halter Neck

Hope she doesn't mind me modelling it!
This top was hanging around for a while unfinished and is for my very good friend Kylie who I am going to stay with this week!  Yay!  I? will be giving it to her then, so I am hoping she won't read this post before then and spoil the surprise!  I used this New Look 6900 pattern:
...which I have used before and is fab!  I lengthened the top a little as I found it a bit short when I have made it up before but it is simple and easy to go together and I recommend it.  It is also my first Sew Weekly post for the Buttons Challenge as I used a little button to decorate the front...
....and buttons to make an adjustable back.  This was for two reasons, the first I thoguht it would be cute to be able to change the ways you could wear it, halter, cross back and straight straps and two, I couldn't get my friend to try it on so this way it should fit her.
Cross over back (my favourite)

Slightly lumpy buttonholes!

The lovely Kylie loves the Wizard of Oz so I have had this Dorothy inspired idea in my head for a while.  She is a size smaller than me so that is why it looks wrinkled on me wearing it, it should fit her fine fingers crossed! 
I did plan on doing some embroidery where the heart button is but I couldn't decide what I wanted and as I haven't done any before I was worried I would mess it up, then I remembered ?I had a few of these buttons left over and it added that extra something.  I have also got her this pretty necklace she can wear with it from the same etsy store I got my other goodies from.  I hope she likes it all!
Ruby Red Slippers from EvelynMaeCreations
And because I couldn't resist messing around:


  1. What a great gift. Love the little red heart button on the bottom and the pattern, I know she will love it too, what a sweet surprise, enjoy your visit.

  2. It's lovely, especially the fabric and the white contrast bits. I love the little red button on the front too! x

  3. This is so pretty! It looks like it wasmade from a vintage pattern. I love the red and blue colors together.