Thursday, 12 January 2012

First Etsy Purchases

ooo shiny!
I have browsed Etsy for a long time but this Christmas was the first time I have bought anything.  I bought from the US and the delivery was slowed up with Christmas and bank holidays, but that didn't matter as I wasn't seeing the recipients until after Christmas anyway.  I bought this faux opal ring for myself as there was no way I could afford a real one and I thought, hey I was paying for shipping I might as well do a bulk order, no?  Ok so it doesn't take much to make me buy things.  Also this was my attempt at a tape manicure, I should have waited and done the gold lines with tape too but I free handed it so they are wobbly!

Itty Bitty Owls picture by EvelynMaeCreations
I also bought these really tiny earrings for my friend who is a Brownie leader called Fluffy Owl.  She loved them luckily!  I also bought a necklace but I haven't seen my other friend to give that to her yet, though it may feature in another post soon.......

I am really happy with my purchases from EvelynMaeCreations and would buy from her again.  They have so many different charms it really is hard to choose!  Everything came in little boxes and bags too and I even got a lolly!  My first Etsy purchase was a success!

*All products purchased with my own money, I have no links to EvelynMaeCreations except as a customer*

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  1. Lovely! And so glad your first purchase on Etsy was successful. What a great friend you are.