Monday, 30 January 2012

Anyone for tea?

I saw these fantastic biscuits here and just had to recreate them as a little thank you present for Kylie who I am going to stay with tomorrow. *excited!* 

 Now nothing ever goes straight forward for me, and these are not exactly like the original but I like them anyway.  I went to two, yes two, supermarkets and they were both out of plain flour!  How odd!  I got wholemeal instead which is why they are darker in colour and this actually makes them taste like chocolate digestives!  Win!
I made little tags with cups of tea and hearts.  (The boyfriend thought I was mad!)  I think they make the tea bags though.  I used this recipe though substituted wholemeal flour.
I did use more chocolate too but I think I can be forgiven for that :p

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  1. This is just fab! I absolutely love dunking biscuits in tea!!!