Saturday, 7 January 2012

Wedding Party Dress - Prep

I am going to a wedding reception at the beginning of February of two of my university friends and I thought I should make myself a dress.  After my Christmas dress success it is nice to make another more formal outfit and I used my Christmas money to slightly nicer fabric than I would be able to afford normally. 

I bought this great pattern after seeing it on the Make This Look section of Sew Weekly.
 I am planning on making the sleeveless dress from teal taffeta I got from Abakhan with a contrasting coloured bow. 

I have also just joined The Sew Weekly as a contributor which I am really excited about!  This year they have opened it up to people who want to contribute but not make something every week.  Personally I would find this very difficult, both on the time I have to make something and the amount of money fabric and notions would cost.  I have already set myself the one garment a month target and I am hoping Sew Weekly will help me to reach this as working to a deadline is such a help to me.

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  1. This is going to be a gorgeous dress! I love those colors together. And yes, Sew Weekly is going to be awesome this year with so many contributors!