Friday, 20 April 2012

Happy Angry Birthday!

Today is my lovely boyfriend Sam's birthday and I felt the need to make an Angry Birds cake.  Ok so I am not making it for a cute kid like most of the ones online but I wanted to make one and he was obsessed with Angry Birds when he first got his iphone so it fit. 
Aerial View
I am sooo happy with this!  The cake is just a sponge and then has buttercream icing and the birds and pigs are made from marzipan rather than icing as Sam loves his marzipan.  (Seriously he just ate the rest of the pack.) 
The Stonehenge arrangement is cheapo caramel wafers stuck together with icing.  I am not very happy with Silver Spoon, I bought their writing icing and the white exploded out the wrong end first time I went to use it.  Plus it was more clear with a hint of white than actual white.  I just mixed up some icing sugar and water to make the eyes in the end.  The black icing was fine though and pretty fun to write with.
The birds are my favourites, I like the fat little tummies and the monobrows.  The funny thing is that now it won't fit in my new cake tin, it is just too high!  There are also some strategically placed toothpicks as I was worried the henge might fall down.
Who will win?