Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Banana Carousel Dress - WIP 1

This dress seems to be taking an age, not because it is difficult, just that I have only worked on it for two days since my last post about it due to something else with a deadline coming up.  (All will be revealed soon!) 
Doesn't look as bright here as it is
I started by cutting my pattern pieces then reading the instructions and writing out my own extra steps such as 'add piping' and 'draft tabs' as otherwise I was worried I would follow the steps and miss out the bits I wanted to add.  I chucked the bodice and neck band on Anne Boleyn as I needed to work out the size and shape of the tabs. 
Tab pattern and tabs
I drew out the tab on paper then added the seam allowance and cut 10 shapes from my fabric.  The piping I pinned around the edge and had to snip on the corners to get it to turn.  I don't know how people get such neat corners on tight turns like this, most of mine as passable but they are not amazing.  I then made the tabs into a sandwich, stitched again and turned them inside out.  This is where I realised I had made them too big!

Originally I was going to put all 5 tabs on the front but I made them larger than I really wanted.  I think at some point my seam allowance measurements went a bit crazy.  I put all 5 on the model and they just looked far too costumey, if I was making a clown costume then great but I want this to be a day dress.  I have compromised and put 3 on the front and 2 on the back now.  I added the piping when I sewed the band to the dress.
You can tell I took these in the evening!
I read the instructions for attaching the neckband and facing and couldn't make head or tail of them.  It seemed like the instructions told you one thing and the illustrations another!  If anyone else has made this and understands them then please let me know!  In the end I just did it how I thought it would work best.  I tacked the tabs to the seam allowance then machine sewed the facing to the neck edge.   I should have used the interfacing on the outside of the band though as the fabric band had stretched a little I found but I was able to manipulate it without too many creases.  I then hand sewed the bottom edge of the facing to the piping all the way round and I did a pretty good job too!
Back view
I actually like the tabs here, it gives more detail to the back as there was not a lot going on back there before.  I think I will need to take some of the fabric off the centre seam as it is a little big on me so I made sure the tabs sat towards the arm holes.

That is as far as I have got!  
Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Its looking great Sarah! I think the tabs are good that way round! Wish I had your crafty streak
    Daisy Dayz
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