Saturday, 7 April 2012

Burda Style April 2012

What a turn around!  The April issue is a corker!  If you like retro then this is one for you, a whole retro/vintage style section.  Yay!

Blouse 126 A
There is not a chance that I would wear this see through blouse just over my bra but I love how it looks on the model and over a vest top or strapless dress it would be gorgeous.
Skirt 118 B
I believe this is the skirt in the first photo and it is so sexy!  What a slinky high-waisted look, Burda really does these skirts well.
Trousers 125
How much do I love these trousers?  Wide legged trousers suit me best even if skinny-minnie ones are in fashion now and the buttons on the pockets are a really nice look.
Bolero 123
I love this too!  The little capped sleeves are sweet and the bolero is always good over a party dress to keep out the chill.  This one stays open which would show off your dress too rather than covering it up.
Top 115 A
Now this is one I can't decide on.  The main cover is the dress version and this is the shorter one.  I think the sleeves look better on the top than the dress but I can't really decide if they are just too much or if they are cute.
Dress 106
The construction of this dress looks really confusing.  From the picture it looks like a wrap dress tying on the models left but then it has a flap on the bodice which comes across the opposite way?  Slightly odd.  I love the white dress though, you could do without the bib/flappy bit and just wear a top under it and it would be very Jane Austeny.  (Is that a word? haha!)
Dress 147
It is a real shame there is not a better picture of this dress.  It is by the designer Alberta Ferretti which I found exciting and it is something I would defiantly wear.  It is actually quite demure but I love the draped feel and the special brooch or buckle look great.
DIY Belt Loops
I really like this style of top where the belt loops through the top to cinch it in and there is a great 'how to' for adapting floaty loose tops so you can thread your belt through.  I may have to try this as I don't like loose tops with no definition but I love this!
My least favourite garment was this, purely because the saggy wrinkled waist does nothing for this girl and completely eliminates her lady lumps!

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