Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Me-Made-May 2012 - First Week

Last Tuesday kicked off the start of Me-Made-May'12!   I am so excited to be doing this, it is my first me made month and I pledged to wear something me made very day.  This is quite a challenge to me as I haven't been dressmaking for that long.  I think I can manage it though.  I am also hoping it will help me come up with new clothing combos too!
1st May 2012
Ebayed Cardi
Today I...made French onion soup
I like this dress, I wear it a lot though it sometimes feels a little long.

2nd May 2012
Me Made - Embellished Top (pre-blog)
Today I...cut out and hand sewed bunting
I don't look great here, I had a stinking cold and needed something comfy, this top is a little small for me at the moment really.

3rd May 2012
Me Made - Strawberry Shirt (pre-blog)
Ebayed boots from my lovely boyfriend
Today I...finished the bunting!  It says Isabelle in the centre and is for my friends nieces' christening
I love this shirt, it was my first Burda Style magazine pattern and has big ole puffy sleeves and heart shaped buttons but is a little tight on the arms.

4th May 2012
Me Made - Cerise 1950's  Shirtwaist Dress (pre-blog)
Ebayed cardi
Today I...finished my book "Generation A" by Douglas Coupland, I loved it, I really have to find more of his books now!
I love this dress!  So much.  It is not perfectly made but I love the colour it just makes me feel so happy and the fit is just about perfect even though I didn't alter the vintage pattern apart from the length.

5th May 2012
Me Made - Droplet Earrings
Today I...worked and worked and worked
I have two jobs and this weekend I needed to work at both of them on both days,  This means consecutive shifts with no time to wear anything other than my uniforms so I have had to resort to jewellary for these two days.

6th May 2012
Med Made - Strawberry Earrings
Today I...Worked some more!
Hooray!  22 hours in 2 days over!
7th May 2012
Ebayed cardi
Today I...drank a lot of tea recovering from my weekend shift and relaxing on the bank holiday (which was actually just my normal day off)
This dress turned out better than expected.  The fabric was for a dress fr someone else but it wasn't needed in the end so I used it myself.

So there it is!  The first week down and no repeats!  I have fund items of clothing I even forgot I had and I do like trying to mix and match outfits.


  1. That 1950's shirt dress is perfect, fancy making me one!! That is totally the style would wear all the time if I could!
    Daisy Dayz
    My Hub Pages

    1. Thank you! I do really love it, I think it is my favourite thing to wear that I have made.