Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Burda Style May 2012 Magazine Review

The print on the front of this months mag really got me going.  I don't really like the dress but ooo pretty butterflies!  This issue has a lot of pastel colours which I totally love, I know they reckon it is 'in' at the moment but I don't care, I love ice cream shades!
Blouse 131 Skirt 130B
I must admit I got rather over excited when I saw this skirt.  I adore the pleated chiffon skirts that are about at the moment and have been trawling the internet to find fabric to make one, and you know what?  It is really hard to find pre-pleated fabric!  When I saw this I thought, yes! maybe Burda will have a way to sew it myself!  But no, they recommend buying the fabric then sending it to company that pleats it for you.  I cannot afford to do that, and for one skirt is seems a waste.  (So I caved and bought one on ebay for under £5!  I can't make one cheaper than that!)
Dress 127 C
 I have a thing for shirt dresses though I only have one shirt waist I made, this one seems a good candidate for the full on shirt style.  I love the cute little neckline and the rolled up sleeves and yes the styling has sucked me in and it might not look so great all buttoned up, but I don't care!
Dress 132
This looks like a skirt and top but it is actually a full dress!  This is the first time I  have seen a pattern for something like this and I think the outfit is really sweet.  I'm not sure I would wear it in such pale colours but the boat neck and the little skirt pleats make me really love it.
Blouse 127 B Skirt 119
The untucked blouse kind of hides this skirt but I love the minty green lace and I think it could be another wardrobe staple skirt pattern.  Burda is always good for skirts.
Tunic 107 A
Not my usual thing but for some reason I really like this wavy line tunic.  It could make a great mini-dress and is really different.
Dress 133

Oh gosh this might be my favourite thing in the whole magazine!  They have recreated a 1961 pattern, the lovely polka dot dress on the right with the bows on the shoulders!  The line drawing is a little different, it has a slightly more draped front neckline than the original but look at the back!  So gorgeous!  I do not like the pink velvet they used but this could really be a stunning dress.  I prefer the polka dots myself!  I really hope they do this more often.
Skirt 106 B
 Another thing I love it mustard.  My boyfriend hates it but I am drawn to mustard coloured clothing which is most probably why I like this skirt but I also think the drape and the waistband with the belt looks really pretty.

Skirt 118
Another cute skirt!  This one has some sweet little pleats and I like the waist band detail, although I think it could do with a button or two in front rather then the hook and eye, or dare I say it, velcro! that might have been used as it doesn't lie flat and I hate skirts that have bumpy bits right on my bumpy bit!

Dress 137
I have included this as it is a pretty perfect little wiggle dress pattern though it doesn't photograph well in black I think it could be pretty stunning in a bright red say.  Side note: who wears this for hanging out the washing?  She even collects eggs in another outfit!  The last time I collected eggs I wore wellies and got pooped on!
Corset Belt 126 Trousers 122 B
I have no problem with the trousers, though how she is planning on playing tennis in those heels I don't know, but that apron looking thing at her waist is a corset belt.  A what?  I have never heard of this before, perhaps is has passed me by, but it basically looks like she is wearing shorts over her trousers.  Not good.  I really don't understand it and cannot think of any outfit that it would look right with.

Hope you enjoyed, I really love this issue, and today is my birthday so I am extra happy!


  1. I bought a copy of this today!I like the high waist linen skirt best.I also received my first copy of Ottobre yesterday and that has some gorgeous things in to.
    By the way did you see that I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog the other day?

    1. Thank you so much for the award! I will pop over now! I love that skirt, I haven't had my hands on Ottobre before, I might have to look out for it.