Thursday, 31 May 2012

Banana Carousel Dress - Complete!

It's is finished!  This poor old dress has been languishing on my dress form for months as my sewing drive just tailed off.  Last week however I made a conscious effort to get back into it and gave myself a deadline of getting it finished before our little holiday to visit the parents.  I really am pleased with it, it really looks like my original doodle and it keeps some of the inspiration of the Modcloth dress even if it isn't exact.
Modcloth Inspiration Shot
I have kept the tabs, though bigger, and the piping and the pattern I used is really similar in the end, the main difference from the original being that it is more loose fitting in the bodice with gathers top and bottom rather than sewn in two pieces like the Modcloth one.  I am really happy with my fabric choices too.  It took so long to match the boarder print but I think this happy banana yellow is really good.
Back View
I bought the huge metal zip as I really wanted to do an exposed zipper as I have seen them around a lot and quite like them plus I think it adds a bit more 'cool factor' to what could be quite a girly dress.  I used the piping around the top of the boarder and on the back as I only had enough boarder fabric for the front of the dress and I think it needed the piping on the back to stop it looking plain.  Plus I had to take a huge chunk of fabric out of the back, I seem to have a very narrow back on this pattern and I took 3cm on each side (!) out to make sure the waist band was nice and fitted.
 Closeup of the easiest zip ever!

Sweet little strawberry buttons!

To make the skirt I just measured my boarder print that became the width and then I measured a dress I already had which was the length I wanted and that became my skirt!  It was very easy and it was the best way to use my boarder print, just to make a rectangle skirt and gather it at the waist band.  The piping round the boarder does make the skirt poof out a fair bit when I wear it but I am hoping it will tame down a bit once I have washed it and the piping softens a little.   

So what do you think?  I really like the circle neckline and I am sure I will use this pattern again.


  1. This dress is incredible, you're so clever! I especially love all the awesome details like the piping, the tabs, the carousel bottom and the exposed zip! Will you be sharing any photos of you wearing it? I sure hope so!

    1. Thank you so much! Your comments make me happy :) I will def post more pictures of me wearing it. I have worn it already but I didn't get any pictures then.

  2. GORGEOUS! Love the piping and the border print, it's so lovely, you should be really proud of yourself. x

  3. absolutely fantastic!!! i love the huge exposed zip and the clever details!! sooo cool!!

    1. Aww thank you! When my Mum first saw it her comment was, 'Haven't you sewn that zip in wrong?' heehee! But I really love it.

  4. Ah Sarah it turned out beautifully! So cute, the trim and buttons add that extra touch!
    Daisy Dayz
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  5. OMGosh!! That is absolutely DIVINE!!! I LOVE IT!!

  6. That is an awesome dress! Wow, I really like the wide tabs and piping, it just really makes this dress.

  7. Just adorable!

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    Thank you!