Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Me-Made-May 2012 - Week 2

8th May
Me Made - Black Jersey Circles Dress (pre-blog)
Today I...tried to work out what was in my birthday parcel.
9th May
Me Made - Strawberry Blouse (pre-blog)
Ebayed Birthday Skirt and cardi
Today I...celebrated my birthday!  My package was a cake tin and utensils heehee!  I also got some sewing magazines from my sister and some buttons from the Something Borrowed team.

10th May
Me Made - Birdy skirt 
Ebayed cardi
Today I... had my hair cut!  It may not look like much but it has been very long for about a year so it feels very different now!
11th May
Me Made - Daisy Earrings
Today I...worked then went to guides so uniform all the way.  We made shoebox floats with lots of glitter and fried bananas to celebrate Brazil.
12th May
Ebayed cardi
Today I...basically just cleaned the house but I decided to wear this dress as it took me a long time to make and I don't wear it enough.  It was actually pretty comfy and with a cardi over I didn't worry about it slipping off my shoulders.
13th May
Today I...didn't feel so well, so lazed about before dragging myself to work.  I wanted to try it with a top underneath so you get the full effect of the sleeves which get squished down under my cardis usually.  (This is actually a recreation of the outfit as I didn't take a picture on the day)
14th May
Med Made- Black Jersey Circles Dress (again!)
Today I...got let off work early so ate ice cream and watched 'Because I Said So.'  I quite like it with my raspberry tights.

Week 2 done!  I am finding it more difficult to make different outfits now, plus I have some items I need to repair before I can wear which is slowing me up.  How is everyone else getting on?

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