Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Me-Made-May 2012 - Final week (and 2 days)

I am late uploading this as I have been away but week four of MMM'12 didn't go so well for me as we had a bit of a heatwave in the UK and I don't have that many very hot weather makes, purely because we don't have that much hot weather!  So I only managed 3 days this week.  Pretty poor I know but I did get to wear my newly finished dress so that was a bonus.
24th May
Me Made - Pastel halter dress
This was my first ever me made item (excluding a fairy fancy dress outfit) and it is not that great hence the not very detailed photo!  The stripes on the bust are wonky, it was too large and has horrible folds where I didn't take it in properly and the seams aren't finished nicely but I still love wearing it as it was my first attempt at sewing clothing for myself.  I do like the pockets and the ribbon detail though.
27th May
First airing of this dress on a burning hot day where I wore LOTS of suncream and stole my Dad's panama hat to browse around a car boot and antique fair.  (I didn't buy anything though.)  I do love this dress and the fit is pretty good too :)

31st May
I wore it again for the last day of May as it is the only thing I finished this month but with a cardi as it had got cooler.  

I didn't manage every day of the whole month, the last 2 weeks were not great but I did wear more me made than I normally do and I did come up with some new outfit combos.  I didn't realise how many days I spend just in work uniforms and I would have to adjust the challenge for this if I do it again.  I tend to make things I can wear in cooler weather or can layer as I am more likely to get wear out of them and I have more dresses than seperates.  I actually had more items than I first thought and although there were a lot of repeats I did enjoy the challenge.  It has also helped me to get out of my sewing slump which is an unexpected bonus!

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