Sunday, 24 June 2012

Anchors Away Circle Skirt

Ahoy there!  I have been away this week but I am back and have lots to blog about!  First is my new make, my Anchors Away Circle Skirt!This skirt was inspired by the little anchor patch which I got a while ago along with a whole loads of others that I haven't used yet and I thought it was about time.
Iron-on from Patsy May
I drafted the circle skirt pattern myself using Casey's sewalong on Elegant Musings which was fab as I am not so good on the mathematics side of things.  (I made one before from jersey but we won't go there)  I added the white braid and iron on and a small gold button with a bent shank with another cute anchor on it.
Good zipper!
It fits me perfectly though next time I will make the waistband a little longer so that it overlaps a bit more for the button and buttonhole.  I had great fun wearing it out for cocktails and then again while shopping in London.  Get ready for picture overload!
At the natural history museum with a Tri-sarah-tops, gettit?

Smiling like the Cheshire cat after finding Beyond Retro!

This was for my boyfriend who is currently obsessed with 'Keeping Up Appearances.'  Onslow: ' Oh nice!'

Brompton Cemetary, one of the 'magnificent seven' of Victorian London graveyards


  1. Oh my god, this skirt is to die for! I love all the nautical details, it's such a winner! And pairing it with the stripy top was a genius move!!!

    1. Wow thank you! I actually bought the t-shirt with the skirt in mind, before I had even started to make it! heehee!

  2. Wow! Girl! This wonderful full skirt is a winner for the summer! Love the addition of anchor and ribbons at the hem. You look great!

  3. Love this skirt, it's so beautiful!

    Just wanted to pop a quick comment to say hello to a fellow South Wales sewer - I live in Cardiff, but I spent three very happy years in Swansea as an undergraduate. *waves*

    1. Wow that it is cool! I came here as an undergrad too and have stayed *waves back*