Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Presents from home

Imagine my surprise to open a package from my Mum to find some lovely new-to-me patterns!
Style 1984
Now I am not a fan of drop waists but I think with a few tweaks this pattern could look good.  I like the neckline on the middle one and the sash and also the buttons up the back of the dress.
Style 1992
This is a very '80's dress, I do like the bust line and the little tie front and the buttons down the front which you can leave open or closed depending on how daring you feel.
New Look 2003
This is quite an up-to-date pattern but I am just not sure about the drawstring waist and the big pockets on the trousers.  It could look cute on the shorts in navy or red, lend them a sailory edge.
Pattern Tracing Set
Last but by no means least, a pattern tracing kit!  My Mum found this in Lidl in one of their weekly bargain sections and I have never seen a set like this before.  It has tailors chalk, a pin cushion and several sheets of tracing paper and has been designed for use with 'pattern magazines.'  This is so perfect for me!  I love buying Burda and this will work well with it.  Anyone else pick one of these up?  I don't know how much it cost but judging by the fact it was from Lidl I doubt it was very much.


  1. I've often wondered how you're supposed to use these kits. I've never seen patterns in magazines for dresses/tops/skirts. So, please tell me more.

    "Sew curious"

    1. If you are interested in sewing from a pattern there are so many blogs out there that explain how. I am just a beginner really but if you google 'sewing pattern how to' or try a sewing blogger search you will find loads of information.